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Fishing Adventures
California is great for sport fishing, Catalina Island the bluffs of Palos Verdes are some of the most popular areas.  Many types of fish are caught in these waters with Tuna, Bass, and Halibut being some of the most popular.  The fishing season for California Halibut is year-round. These fish are caught every month of the year up and down the coast from San Diego Bay to the Channel Islands. A favorite spot to fish for them is clearly the Santa Monica Bay. Other areas such as the Orange County coast and the northern San Diego coast have really shown an increase in halibut numbers over the last few years. This is very positive and promising. Catalina Island can produce some nice volumes also, but clearly the largest fish seem to come from Santa Rosa Island and Santa Monica Bay.
California Halibut will move up into shallower water to spawn in Spring and Fall months. Spawning periods will differ slightly from southern to central and even northern California. The California Halibut spawn throughout each year with the vast majority of fish choosing March and April, and September and October. Other common names for the California Halibut are flatty, fly swatter (small), barn door (large), fluke, and butt. Halibut prefer a sandy bottom although they can be found on the hard bottom areas, muddy bottom areas, gravel bottoms, sand dollar and clam beds, and even around structure such as reefs, rock piles, kelp, and lobster traps.
Mature females can produce hundreds of thousands of eggs with each spawning. Some larger 30 to 50 pound California Halibut females have shown they can produce into the millions of single round eggs with each spawning.